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Version 2030.960/965 - Report Runner Batch and Report Runner Viewer - Semi-Critical Update

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By now, anyone using version 2025 or previous should have updated to 2030. If you have any questions about 2030, please review all of the prior release notes. We have removed all of the "extra" 2030 notes at the top of these release notes.




With release 2030.920/925, we updated the licensing engine, and there is now a new Licensing Manager.


New Licensing Manager


Want to see more about how the NEW Licensing works? Check out this KB article...


Here are the updates for this release. If you are on any of the prior/recent 2030, please update when you get a moment.


This update is considered a semi-CRITICAL update due to the Batch bug fixes.




  1. BUG FIX: Fixed a DSN "lookup" issue where only the first 100 DSNs were loaded
  2. BUG FIX: Fixed an internal email issue where the default email ID was corrupted (this may have prevent critical/catastrophic alerts from going out)
  3. UPDATE: Added a critical/catastrophic email notification if a batch tries to run when the machine has not been activated (or was deactivated)
  4. UPDATE: When critical/catastrophic emails are sent out, the machine name is now appended to the subject of the email so you know what machine the notice is coming from
  5. UPDATE: Tweaked some Web Portal report running code to ensure date-time stamps do not get appended to file names


  1. BUG FIX: Fixed a DSN "lookup" issue where only the first 100 DSNs were loaded


Monitor and Debugger:


  1. NEW: A mass ID and password updater for Windows Task Scheduler was added to this application shortly after release. If you are on 2030.960 already, and you did not get this update, we can give you a link to install it separately. 





If you are an existing customer, just make sure you've been issued your reportrunner.key license file before updating.




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