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Report Runner Batch - Special Notice (Additional Update Required Related to Sharepoint Processing in 2030.950/955)

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We just released 2030.950/955 on September 24th. If you have updated to this release and you are a Report Runner Batch user, please re-download the 2030.950/955 update (or apply the fix below). 


We had to rebuild the utility we use for Sharepoint processing in our installers and updaters. This utility which was released on September 24th will NOT work long term; your batch will fail. There was an issue with a license setting.


Since there were no other changes to the release, we did not create a new release version number, we simply re-built the 2030.950/955 installers and updaters with the updated executable. 


The utility name is Report Runner Sharepoint Utility.exe and the correct version number of the file after updating should be 2030.4.6.8 (or 2030.8 in utility).




You can patch your 2030.950 install by downloading and replacing the executable here:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Jeff-Net\Report Runner\jnSharepointUtility\Report Runner Sharepoint Utility.exe


with the file of same name in this download here:




If you only use Report Runner Viewer and updated to 2030.950/955, you do NOT need to update, as this fix/change has no affect on the Viewer application.




If you are an existing customer on 2030.890/895 or previous, just make sure you've been issued your reportrunner.key license file before updating.




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