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Version 2030.890/895 - Report Runner Batch and Report Runner Viewer - Critical Microsoft/TLS Update

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This is another update to the major 2030 release from a few months ago. It's simple to update from ANY prior release. 

IMPORTANT: Read the following BEFORE updating from 2025 or previous. There's nothing to be afraid of, but it's important you understand the new .Net 4.6 or later requirement and know what to expect to see when upgrading (which most machines already have installed).


Please read what's broadly new to Report Runner 2030, and what is specifically new to each product.

1. 99% of everything will look the same. Outwardly, you’ll notice the application start icons have been tweaked. Icons have not changed inside the apps and nothing has been moved — we don’t do that kind of stuff. There isn’t any major code changes inside the app that will break anything. The biggest thing we did was upgrade the targeted .Net libraries from .Net 4.0 to .Net 4.6. This change has improved speeds of running some reports, and the app itself will probably “feel” about 10% snappier/faster. It also greatly improved memory management (fixed a number of “out of memory” errors with the Crystal runtime engine).

2. Do you use the End of Batch Notification report with any of your batches? Are you using service pack 20 (SP20) or previous of the Crystal runtime engine? If so, the report will fail if you do not have .Net 2 or .Net 3.5 still installed on your machine (this is due to a dependency the ADO.Net XML driver it uses has). There are some automatic fixes for this driver in SP21 and later.

3. The updater will take care of EVERYTHING when you run it. One of the things it will do for you is uninstall the previous version. You WILL get warnings when you go to uninstall the previous version (this is a different behavior than previous versions). You should IGNORE the uninstall warnings and continue. Your DATA is SAFE. Neither the installer or updater will touch your data.

4. Both the updater and full installer have an option to install our new Report Runner Monitor and Debugger. This app requires ZERO configuration. It will display all Report Runner tasks running on the machine (including task IDs). There are also options that make viewing log files and finding logs with errors easier. We highly recommend installing this free add-on.

5. Be sure and read the release notes from 2030.810/815 through 2030.870/875, too. 

6. If you use Event Server, you MUST update to the 2030 edition of Event Server, too. 



  1. CRITICAL UPDATE: Microsoft has been changing/tweaking TLS "negotiation" with sending emails, and it has been causing emails to randomly fail; this release should fix that issue.
  2. NEW: You can now "throttle" your batch jobs (force a pause/wait/delay between each job); this was requested by users due to hourly email limitations by some ISPs; you can set this per batch using the new batch-specific INI setting ThrottleBatchJobsSeconds under the [Options] group. Just set it to any numerical value to indicate how many seconds to pause between jobs in that batch.
  3. NEW: There is a new BETA feature that allows for post-processing of PDF files BEFORE Report Runner Batch finalizes the distribution of the PDFs. The biggest benefit for this is to allow you to use your own PDF compression apps to reduce the size of the PDF. The way it works is you specify an app\bat\cmd file to pause and execute. Report Runner Batch will pause after each PDF is created, run the external app call, wait up to 10 minutes for it to complete, and then resume the batch job process. You specify the app\bat\cmd using PDFCallExternalProcess under the [PDF] group. Report Runner Batch will automatically pass the full path and file name of the PDF as the first parameter. You can optionally set additional parameters to follow the name of the file using PDFCallExternalProcessParameters under the [PDF] group. Again, we consider this a BETA feature. Please test extensively before using in production.
  4. BUG FIX: Discovery feature will no longer crash the app if it finds a corrupted XML file.


  1. CRITICAL UPDATE: Microsoft has been changing/tweaking TLS "negotiation" with sending emails, and it has been causing emails to randomly fail; this release should fix that issue.




Again, this is a CRITICAL update for any users of Microsoft 365/Outlook/Exchange mail. 
Downloads page:


Again, be sure and read the previous release notes for the initial 2030.810/815, 2030.820/825, 2030.840/845, 2030.850/855, 2030.860/865, 2030.870/875 updates, too.


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