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Version 2030.840/845 - Report Runner Batch and Report Runner Viewer

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These release notes will include all of the notes from 2030.830/835 in addition to the release notes specific to 2030.840/845. The reason is the previous release was "pulled" from production shortly after shipping due to an issue with HTML emails. We could have just fixed the HTML email issue in the previous release, but we decided to roll the previous release into this new release so it would be clear you were on a "fixed" release. 


This is another update to the major 2030 release from a few months ago. It's simple to update from ANY prior release. 

IMPORTANT: Read the following BEFORE updating from 2025 or previous. There's nothing to be afraid of, but it's important you understand the new .Net 4.6 or later requirement and know what to expect to see when upgrading (which most machines already have installed).


Please read what's broadly new to Report Runner 2030, and what is specifically new to each product.

1. 99% of everything will look the same. Outwardly, you’ll notice the application start icons have been tweaked. Icons have not changed inside the apps and nothing has been moved — we don’t do that kind of stuff. There isn’t any major code changes inside the app that will break anything. The biggest thing we did was upgrade the targeted .Net libraries from .Net 4.0 to .Net 4.6. This change has improved speeds of running some reports, and the app itself will probably “feel” about 10% snappier/faster. It also greatly improved memory management (fixed a number of “out of memory” errors with the Crystal runtime engine).

2. Do you use the End of Batch Notification report with any of your batches? Are you using service pack 20 (SP20) or previous of the Crystal runtime engine? If so, the report will fail if you do not have .Net 2 or .Net 3.5 still installed on your machine (this is due to a dependency the ADO.Net XML driver it uses has). There are some automatic fixes for this driver in SP21 and later.

3. The updater will take care of EVERYTHING when you run it. One of the things it will do for you is uninstall the previous version. You WILL get warnings when you go to uninstall the previous version (this is a different behavior than previous versions). You should IGNORE the uninstall warnings and continue. Your DATA is SAFE. Neither the installer or updater will touch your data.

4. Both the updater and full installer have an option to install our new Report Runner Monitor and Debugger. This app requires ZERO configuration. It will display all Report Runner tasks running on the machine (including task IDs). There are also options that make viewing log files and finding logs with errors easier. We highly recommend installing this free add-on.

5. Be sure and read the release notes from 2030.810/815 and 2030.820/825, too. 

6. If you use Event Server, you MUST update to the 2030 edition of Event Server, too. 



  1. NEW (BETA): We now support using renewing email tokens from Microsoft or Google for SMTP, Pop, and IMAP. While we have done quite a bit of self-testing, it can't be hard-core tested until it's rolled out to a number of customers running a number of batches. We don't recommend using this token feature with production just yet. For those companies with test machines deployed, yes, please test. For this new feature we also deployed our "Known Keep OAuth Token Utility" for token creation.
  2. NEW: Added automatic replacement of a number of common HTML character references in email data; a lot of databases/apps now use these special character references to make the data more universal and work properly in XML. 
  3. NEW: Added the ability to set auto-filter column headers on XLS and XLSX files. There is a new batch-specific INI setting in the [XLS/XLSX] group of AutoFilterAllColumns=YES
  4. NEW: We added a bit of a "hack" to create an XLSX file format of the "whole report" (see note below). We added a batch-specific INI option to do post processing on an XLS export to re-save it as XLSX. This allows you to use the XLS Whole Report export and then in post processing it will literally re-save that file as XLSX. This was added for users who only want or need to deploy XLSX file formats only. In the [XLS/XLSX] group, use SaveXLSAsXLSX=YES. Note, you will need to set your XLS export to the XLSX file extension. We do NOT rename/change the file extension automatically.
  5. NEW: If there are any issues with emailing, we've added an "extended" email debugging INI option which will generate a separate log file for Chilkat (ChilkatDebug=1 under the [Options] group).
  6. UPDATE: Modified the XLSX export options to show "data only" in title instead of "whole report". Whole report has never been available with the SAP Crystal runtime engine. We tweaked the title displayed to match what was happening. The export itself has NOT changed (so it won't break or change anything in the export if you're already using this export option). 
  7. UPDATE: Updated two external vendor DLLs which we use for emailing, FTPing, and XLS/XLSX file modification. The updated email and FTP DLL adds and updates security ciphers and adds some extended options for Support to tweak security settings if necessary (we refer to them as "Uncommon Options"). It also adds more/better support for TLS 1.2 and later.
  8. UPDATE: Event Server mail rules now default to more common encrypted protocols and ports.
  9. UPDATE: Added the ability to test Event Server POP-based mail rules within the rule editor. Also added some data validation to the Event Server rules editor.
  10. UPDATE: Modified licensing key format for future needs.
  11. UPDATED: Added and Modified a number of log file messages including the addition of displaying where a drive is HDD or SSD.
  12. UPDATED: Modified a few on-screen messages for editing and deleting values from pick-lists.
  13. BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where "non-legacy" Sharepoint (not Sharepoint online) exports were crashing.
  14. BUG FIX: Fixed bug where jn-variables were not getting replaced properly for CC1-3 and BCC1-3 batch-specific INI settings.


  1. NEW: We added a simple option to save and display Favorites. Simply right-click on any report to add it to your Favorites list. When you're ready to run one of your favorites, just click the Favorites button for a quick display of all your previously saved reports. Want to remove a favorite, just select it and hit your Delete key. Also added JNRRV.INI settings to hide or lock this new button (just like you can other buttons). The new settings are HideFavoritesButton=1 and LockFavoritesButton=1.
  2. NEW: We've added a number of Developer edition command line options (jnHideGroupsPanel, jnHideParametersPanel, jnDisableDrilldown, jnGroupRecordSelection, jnOutputFileName, jnOutputFileFormat); See the command line KB article for full description and usage here.
  3. UPDATE: Updated external vendor DLL which we use for emailing. This updated DLL adds and updates security ciphers and also adds more/better support for TLS 1.2 and later.
  4. UPDATE: The email settings for Viewer now use the same interface as used in Report Runner Batch, including the option to test the settings right there.
  5. UPDATE: When sending an email, the windows/interface no longer auto-closes after sending (in case you want to send another email to someone different).
  6. UPDATE: Modified licensing key format for future needs.
  7. UPDATED: Added and Modified a number of log file messages including the addition of displaying where a drive is HDD or SSD.

Downloads page:


Again, be sure and read the release notes for the initial 2030.810/815 and 2030.820/825 update, too.


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