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Migrating or Moving Web Portal From One Server To Another Server

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Moving a Web Portal installation from one server to another is pretty easy if the directory structure of the two operating systems are the same. If they are not the same, there are a few more steps.

Follow these instructions:

1) Install latest versions of Report Runner Batch and Event Server, and copy old Jeff-Net data directory:

The above will copy process will also move your Event Server and Web Portal report templates.

2) Install Web Portal on the new machine using the latest full installer (provided by Jeff-Net).

3) Copy two old Web Portal data files from old machine to new machine

- Jeff-NetReportRunnerWebPortal/JNAdmin/dsReport.xml (this is all of your users and reports)
- Jeff-NetReportRunnerWebPortal/JNAdmin/WebPortalDictionary.xml (this only needs to be copied if you customized any text on old Web Portal)

4) Copy any Static Reports from old to new (only needed if your utilize static reports)

- Jeff-NetReportRunnerWebPortal/StaticReportDirectory (this only needs to be copied if you have/use static reports)


That should be it, other than customizing any colors and/or logo on Web Portal. You'll re-do that manually in Admin interface. Everything else will work as before.

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