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Installing Report Runner Batch and/or Report Runner Viewer and/or Report Runner Documentor

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Video Tutorial for Manual Install:

Video Tutorial for Silent Install:




Installation of Report Runner (Batch and Viewer) is simple and straightforward. Following is a list of steps, one-by-one, that will take you from beginning to end:

1) Download the software

2) Run the setup executable name Report_Runner_Setup.exe

Note: If running in an environment where your machine is "locked down", you will need to use the "Run As Administrator" function or if on a Terminal Server (RDP), use "Install Terminal Server Application" from the Control Panel.

3) This is the first window you will see (after initialization process)

4) Next, read the Happiness Disclaimer, and click Next

5) Review the license agreement, and click Next

6) Select which product(s) you want to install, and click Next

  1. You see both Viewer and Batch options here because the same installer is used for both
  2. The Report Runner Adminstrator and Configure Report Runner Viewer Enterprise Edition instructions are covered under other articles
  3. You do not have to install both the Viewer and Batch products (but we hope you do)
  4. If any steps in this tutorial do not apply to one of the products, we will tell you where to skip to
  5. Installing the Crystal Runtime is mandatory. If it is already installed, you will get a message stating so. It will not hurt anything running it more than once. Also, if you have any version of Crystal Reports already installed, it will NOT hurt anything. This Crystal runtime engine is necessary to run our software.

7) Enter requested information, and click Next; this information is used to (optionally) auto-open a help desk ticket to us if there is any kind of major application crash

8) If you are installing Report Runner Batch, it is now optionally password protected; enter your password, and click Next

9) Enter your Program Files directory (default should normally be used -- do NOT change Jeff-Net\Report Runner), and click Next

10) Enter your Jeff-Net data folder (default should normally be used -- do NOT remove Jeff-Net as last folder), and click Next

Note: This directory MUST BE WRITEABLE by anyone and anything. We store ALL application settings in this directory now (except for some licensing keys that get set in registry). Also, note this directory because this is the only directory (and it's subdirectories) you need to back up to save everything "Jeff-Net" related. If you install this software to another machine, simply copy this directory to the new machine and you should be able resume work immediately.

Important: Make note of the above path. This is your Jeff-Net documents folder. Application data and settings are stored in this folder and sub-folders. Log files are also saved into this directory structure.

11) Enter your short-cut folder (default should normally be used), and click Next

12) You are ready to INSTALL; this is your final confirmation before files start being copied; click >>INSTALL>> to begin

13) This window displays while files are being copied

14) Once the Crystal Reports runtime installation begins (after the main files are copied), you will one or both of the two following windows

NOTE: This install can take a few minutes to run

15) After installation is complete, review the following notice regarding licensing and/or getting an evaluation license agreement, select "I love Jeff-Net" and click Next

NOTE: By default, the first time the software is installed on a machine, you receive a 3 day evaluation license. This ensures that you can begin using the software immediately. Uninstalling does not remove this 3 day evaluation, so if you want a longer evaluation, you must contact us.

16) Installation is complete, and click Finish

17) Start up the newly installed software and enjoy!

Note: By default we set licensing using our licensing server at If your machine is "locked down", have an Administrator run the application the first time so the licensing can be activated. If you have any problems with this or can't get out to the Internet, we will need to issue you a machine-based license, and you will need to send us your seed key (under About Jeff-Net, Licensing Manager). You can test access to this server here:

Common Installation Errors/Issues:

  1. If you start the application and "nothing happens"... more than likely it's one of two things. Either .Net 4 is not installed properly or the Crystal runtime engine is not installed properly. Verify both .Net 4 (or .Net 4.5) and the Crystal runtime engine is installed correctly by following these steps:
  2. If while running the Crystal runtime engine installer, you get registration errors, you may need to install/repair the Visual C++ 2008 libraries. These are already installed on the majority of Windows PCs, but not always. To reinstall, download and install from Microsoft using this URL: After installing, you can retry running the Crystal runtime installer or the FULL Report Runner Installer.
  3. You are trying to start Report Runner Batch and it's asking for a password, and you do not remember it. This is the password you set in step #8 above. We do not have any way of knowing this password or resetting it. The only way to fix it is to rerun the FULL Report Runner Installer, or if you installed the Administrator application (which will also ask for a password), you can set/reset the Report Runner Batch application from this application.
  4. You've installed the software, and you're trying to run reports, and they are failing. See this link:
  5. If you have any other installation questions or issues not covered here, just let us know. We support our software 100%!

Other Helpful Links:

  1. Basic Viewer Configuration
  2. Configuring the Viewer for Citrix and/or Terminal Servers

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