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How To Find The Report Runner Data Folders Or JNRRV.INI And JNRRB.INI Settings Files

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We have many customization options for our software products. We use simple INI files to make these settings available.


JNRRV.INI is the settings and customization file for Report Runner Viewer.
JNRRB.INI is the settings and customization file for Report Runner Batch.
These files are located in the Report Runner "jeff-net" data folder, NOT Program Files folder. There is a file called JNRR.INI in the Jeff-Net\Report Runner Program Files folder. This is NOT the correct file to make changes in. The Report Runner "jeff-net" data folder is found in your shared/public documents folder by default (you can change the Jeff-Net data folder location at installation). You can Report Runner find/open this data folder for you from Help, Debugging menu.
JNRRV.INI is found in the Report Runner Viewer folder.
JNRRB.INI is found in the Report Runner Batch folder.
Never change or add settings to the JNRR.INI file in the Report Runner Program Files folder. We will never ask you to make manual changes or add settings to this file.
If you can not find your Report Runner data folders, you can find them by starting any Report Runner application, clicking on Help, Debugging, and opening the current log file. Near the top of the log file we display all of the Report Runner data directories used in the application.



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