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How To Debug Web Portal Report Runner Errors and Issues

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Problem: So you've installed Report Runner Web Portal, but you can't get your reports to run? Follow these steps to figure out what's wrong...


Determine Issue:

1) Do you get an error message that the report failed? Go to Answer #1.

2) Does the report never show an error (the gears just keep spinning)? Go to Answer #2.



#1 If your report is failing, then there will be a log file in the Report Runner Batch log file directory. The log file WILL show why the report is failing. There will be one log file per report run in Web Portal. If you submit a report in Web Portal at 8:15am, there will be a JNRRB log file generated around that time. The log file for any Web Portal report has a large message after the initial start-up messages in the log file which indicates it's Web Portal report. There is also a monthly XREF file in the log file directory which will match the log file name with the report you are trying to run.

Here are common reasons a report will fail:

a. Report can not be found... This is caused by not storing report RPT files locally on the machine. Mapped drives are not available to Windows services (and the Web Portal uses the Event Server service to process report requests). Store your RPT files locally for Web Portal.

b. Login credentials are wrong... Remember, this is mentioned in the installation and usage doc for Web Portal, that the Global ID and password are assigned to all Web Portal reports by default. Either set a correct Global ID and password or edit each web template in Report Runner Batch and set whatever credentials are necessary.

c. DSN can not be found so login fails... Always create System DSNs for reports. User DSNs are only available to the user running the report. In this case, the "user" is Event Server. So whatever credentials are used to run the Event Server service, the DSN must be available to it.

d. If your license has expired, this can happen, too. Start Report Runner Batch, which is installed on the same machine, and make sure it shows your Enterprise license is set and OK.

e. Don't think any of this applies? Send us the log file.

#2 If the report never ends in Web Portal (which really means it never started running), then Event Server is either not installed or it's not running. Event Server is the service that gets installed BEFORE Web Portal is installed. Make sure it is installed and running (go back to your Web Portal installation doc).


Additional Information Regarding *How* Web Portal Processes Report Requests:

There are multiple pieces to make Web Portal do it's magic. As long as they are installed and configured, everything works beautifully. Forget one piece though and Web Portal will look buggy. Here is the process:

1) User submits report in Web Portal

2) A unique copy of the web template (XML file) for given report is updated by Web Portal based on user parameters set and output method chosen

3) Web Portal places unique web template into Input queue of Event Server

4) Event Server sees web template (XML file) in Input queue/directory and calls Report Runner Batch to process the XML file

5) Report Runner Batch processes XML file; if it's a successful run, it moves the template into the Processed queue/directory; if it's not successful, the template is moved into the Error queue/directory

6) Web Portal is watching both Processed and Error queue/directory for template to arrive; it knows what happened based on where the XML file ends up; if it's in Processed queue/directory, user gets "success" message; if it's in the Error queue/directory, the user gets "error" message; Of course if nothing happens at this point, then Event Server is not running (the Event Server service).

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