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Basic Configuration of a New Windows Server (2016, 2019, 2022) to Run Report Runner Web Portal ASP.Net Application

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A lot of our users are "spinning up" a Windows Server for the first time to install Web Portal. Just to make things extra clear, we've put together a quick guide as to what we do when we install Report Runner Web Portal on a new server. This pretty much works for ANY ASP.Net application you're installing, though.




1. Start Server Manager and click Configure this local server.

2. Scroll/Look over to the right for the IE Enhanced Security Configuration. It will be set to On. With this On, it's impossible to accomplish anything with a browser on the server. It needs to be turned Off. Of course, your company's security settings should override anything we recommend -- this is what we do, though.

3. Switch from On to Off and click OK. You could technically leave it on for Users, but we set both off.

4. Next, you'll make sure the IIS is installed by clicking the check box. You can't run a site without IIS on.

5. Confirm the selection, including management tools, by clicking Add Features.

6. Next make sure the .Net 4.x framework is selected and ASP.Net 4.x is selected. Server Windows Server 2019 will show 4.7. Windows Server 2022 will show 4.8. Older versions of Windows Server will show different versions. For example, Windows Server 2016 will show 4.6. ANY of these 4.x frameworks will work.

7. Next, Server Manager will have you confirm your selections by clicking Install. This is installing IIS, IIS Manager, and .Net 4.7 including ASP.Net 4.7.

8. After the Server is configured, you should install the Microsoft Edge browser (or Google Chrome if you prefer). Note, Windows Server 2022 now installs Edge automatically. On Window Server 2019 and previous, you have to start Internet Explorer to install a new browser. When you start Internet Explorer, don't use the recommended settings. This is to make sure nothing gets blocked that you want to install. Of course, your company's security settings should override anything we recommend -- this is what we do, though.

9. Search for Edge, download and install (or Google Chrome). That's it! Now you're ready to install any of our Report Runner software.


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